Thank you for your Interest in Spending time with me.As an Exquisite Courtesan Here is the Donation I request for My Companionship and Our Very Special Time Together. My Gift Donations are Non-Negotiable. Thank you

"The best things in life are free.

The second best are very expensive."

-Coco Chanel


Consideration & Appreciation for My Companionship

Our time Together is a Special Luxurious Experience that focuses on you. I offer an Exquisite Courtesan Experience. I enjoy Indulging my lover in Amazing Sensual Pleasures

  GFE   Tryst  (1.5 hr)                                                                                                                                   $750  

Memorable  GFE Moment (2 Hr) $1000
Exclusive Naughty GFE PSE Encounter (1 Hr) $750
Decadent  PSE BDSM Worship Toys & More (1 Hr) $750
Ming's Indulgent Sin PSE Interlude (2 Hr) $1500
Ming's Decadent PSE BDSM Worship  Encounter with Toys  & More (2 hr) $1500
Ming's Romantic GFE Dinner Date (4 Hr) $2200
Ming Opulent's Overnight Adventure $5000



Sunset to Sunrise Rendezvous Available Nationwide

 Extended All Day and Overnight Trysts Available Nationwide

All Appointments Require Excellent References and Verification

A Gift & Gratuity is Never Expected but Always Accepted with Appreciation

Additional Out Call Driving and Traveling Fees May Apply

 Rates May Vary Based Upon:

 Your City Season &Time of Year

 And Your Specific Requests

 Check My Current Donations


Donations and The Envelope:

Upon arrival for our Date. Please have my Donation In an unsealed envelope where it is  visible in plain sight, such as by the Bathroom Vanity. Please do not mention it in any way. I will collect and Verify it discreetly at the beginning of our date. I prefer to take care of the formalities. And get on with the pleasures which await us. So we can fully enjoy our memorable experience together

All Expenses associated with our engagement including entertainment, meal & travel will be generously covered by yourself the client.

The Preferred Method of Payment: All Donations are in US dollars. I only accept cash $USD$, preferably New $100$ dollar bills

Gifts & Gratuity: They are never expected or required.Your generosity is always appreciated and never forgotten. I Love to be Surprised!

Of Course I never Expect Gifts but they are always a wonderful surprise and I love being spoiled. Just as much as I enjoy spoiling my date. Here are some of my favorite things and wonderful gift ideas if you choose to delight me  and make me feel very special with Shoes:

Shoes: Christian Louboutin  Guisseppe Zenotti  Jimmy Choo  YSL 

Purses: Chanel  Celine  Louis Vuitton Hermes Prada  Valentino

Lingerie: Victoria's Secret  Agent Provacteur  La Perla

Jewelry: Cartier  Tiffany  Bvlgari

Taste: Dom Perignon  Chocolate Covered Strawberrys

 Should You Desire to Pamper Me

I Always Appreciate Gift Cards:

Sak's Fifth Avenue


Neiman Marcus



Victoria's Secret

Agent Provateur

La Perla Lingerie

Whole Foods

Southwest Airlines GiftCard

Spa Gift Cards

My Ideal Gentlemen

I truly enjoy being in the company of mature  men who are  interesting intelligent worldly kind  polite respectful well groomed. I prefer my friends to be mature gentlemen over the age of 36+years old. My favorite trait is your kindness and generosity towards me; And I am always happy to reciprocate your acts of kindness. I have no age limits. Please never worry about the  age difference between us. So long as you believe you are able to have a genuinely good time. I would love to enjoy our very special time together.

May I take you to lunch or dinner as part of our date: Of course! I would love to spend more time together whether we meet for lunch, have dinner together or relax in the privacy of your hotel room. Some of my favorite foods include Fresh Fish and Sea Food,Modern Italian, and Healthy American Cuisine including Fresh Fruits &Salads

What do I prefer to drink? Good Tasting Bottled Waters, such as Perrier&Evian. I also enjoy French Champagne and Excellent Fine French and California Wines. 

Screening: Is Always Essential And Allows Upscale Companions to assess compatibility. And confirm that you are a reputable legitimate and respectful client. If I am Not able to screen you. And verify your References, then I am Not able to meet you. 

No One Likes Filling Out Online Forms. I do not request any forms. But I look very favorably and reply better to those to take the time to include information about themselves. Not limited to Demeanor, Hobbies, Employment, Age, Preferences  and perhaps include  five things you like & dislike etc..I like to think I give a glimpse of myself to you and appreciate your doing the same 

 Please Email Your Letter of Introduction, and tell me more about yourself.  Please forward All Screening Requirements:

1) Your Full Name

2) Contact Telephone Number

3) Professional Occupation

4) Age - Height - Weight

5) Race and Ethnic Heritage Background

6) A Detailed Request: Appointment City & Location

    Date/Time and Length of Desired Appointment

     Include All your Membership ID & Handles:

    TER  ID  P-411 

Acceptable Reputable Provider References: Please Check with each of the ladies first. Prior to submitting her as your provider reference. To Qualify as an Acceptable Provider Reference for You:

*She must maintain an Active Web Presence

* She must have excellent TER Reviews 

*She must remember you. Have a Record of meeting you. And she must be willing to provide a reference for you. And she must be willing to email me your references: All before we can meet

*Please Provide me with these details for each of your References:

 Her Provider Name. Her Email Address and Telephone number. A link to Her Website. Online Advertisement. And her TER Provider Profile Page.

*When and Where you last met her. And how often have you met with her

*A Unique detail that Helps Her remember You & Somethings that best describe you

*Due to Screening Requirements. Pre Planning is always suggested as it does take time. The more notice the better.To Help Ensure Availability and Allow time for the Appropriate Screening. Please  Book your Appointment  in Advance. We will try Accommodate Appointments Scheduled on Short Notice if Possible.

Getting Ready for Our date:

I will be freshly showered, perfumed and dressed elegantly and sexy for you.

What I Expect from You: Personal hygiene is very important to me. I will expect you be freshly  Showered Shaved and well groomed for our date with fresh breath. I am attracted to well dressed men. Who are pleasant & well mannered. So we can truly enjoy ourselves.

Discretion: Please do not use loud voices when greeting or calling me. Please be punctual and respectful of my time.

Please be aware of time during our date.  I know that we can sometimes get lost in the moment. When we are together.

Please be respectful of my time and allow us to leave gracefully when our time together is  done. If you wish to extend our date. Please let me know as soon as possible. Then provide me with the rest of my donation so we can continue our tryst.

Spending Time Together: Must Always be compensated. I am pleased by the gentlemen who respects a lady at all times. And on all levels. He recognizes that I am a professional companion and though we thoroughly enjoy each others company. Spending time together must always be compensated,no matter the engagement. It's important that you truly embrace the dynamics of our unconventional relationship.

Can We Spend Time Together outside of an Appointment: I am asked this a lot and the Answer is: Even if our chemistry is magic, please understand your purpose in this special relationship. I need to be compensated for my time. To avoid uncomfortable situations. I ask this be respected and that a date or extra time together will not be asked for without compensation.

May I record videos or take pictures when we meet? Absolutely Not. I am a very private person,and taking pictures or filming a video is not allowed under any circumstances.I have an expectation of privacy during our time together.

Cancellation Policy:

Please understand that I take every measure to ensure our time together is as perfect as you would imagine.While I Understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that keep you from our  scheduled time together. If you Cancel  prior to our appointment time, do not show up for a confirmed appointment,or show up so late that you force me to turn you away. You will be subject to the following Cancellation fees: If 48 Hours notice can not be given a cancellation fee of 50% of the the Donation for the time requested is required. Same day  cancellations are subject to 100% Cancellation fee. While I use reporting sites rarely and only for Extreme cases, Cancelling without paying the fee will force me to add your name to those lists. The Cancellation fee is due within 24 Hours after the date is Cancelled.You will receive instructions on how to remit the cancellation fee.Thank you for being mindful and considerate of my time.

I Am Available in New York City and Washington DC. And travel frequently to Boston   Los Angeles and  London. And All Major World Capital Cities.

I am  Available in Miami Beach - Boca Raton - Palm Beach - Naples  during the Winter Season by Arrangement

Please Contact my Personal Secretary Jill for Information and Arrangements

Please email your Letter of Introduction with References and a contact telephone number:


(561) 305-0000